Weekend Night At The Movies

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We gather on the last Sunday night of every other month — at Back Bay, 5:30-8:00 pm — to
learn about Contemporary Jewish Issues through Film and TV Media. Every year, our 4-6 such gatherings are focused on studying a concerted theme that carries us through the year. For the year 5774, we plan to gain insights into aspects of American Jewish History through the use of media that will include “Frisco Kid” (the American Jewish experience, early Ashkenazic immigration from 1881-1914), “Hester Street” (the Ashkenazic immigration as it came to center on Manhattan’s Lower East Side), “Gentleman’s Agreement” (America’s continued anti-Semitism, post-war, as manifested in the 1950s by Jews being barred from housing, jobs, hotels and country clubs, and mainstream American upper-middle-class and upper-class life), and “Avalon” (the rise of Jewish family-owned department stores, Jews Americanizing and moving into the suburbs).

Hosted Jointly by Rav Fischer with Rebbetzin Ellen

Taught by Rav Fischer