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For many men who actually know how to daven, they remain hesitant to lead services because — well, they “never have done it till now.” This class teaches such people, who are perfectly competent to lead services but who never have learned the fine points for being a shaliach tzibur (prayer leader) and who are unsure of the nuances of chazarat ha-shat”z (the repeating of the Amidah for the congregation) — and who therefore never accept the invitation to lead — to gain the skills, dexterity, and confidence to step up to the bimah (platform) and to lead the davening.

Although public davening also includes using one’s voice, often to sing, those in the class need not be concerned about whether they sing well or carry tunes effectively. Nevertheless, for those who so desire, we offer a separate private tutorial in singing — proper breathing techniques while carrying a melody, other aspects of proper singing — taught by a trained and certified professional in the field. That class is free, as our shul never charges for any of our classes, for materials used in classes, or for any teacher time.

Offered in Summer – June-August

Taught by Rav Fischer