Pathways Through The Torah: “What’s Bothering Rashi?”

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Every Tuesday night we study Chumash and classical commentaries, including Rashi, Ramban, Ibn Ezra, Talmudic references to the studied text, and Midrash.  All learning is text-based, so you not only hear from Rav Fischer what the commentators and Midrash say, but you read it in the original primary sources that Rav Fischer prepares for class.

The class, which began seven years ago with six students, now has grown exponentially, with people driving in from all over Orange County, from northern O.C. regions like San Clemente and Yorba Linda to southern regions like Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo, to learn Torah with Rav Fischer on Tuesday nights.  Therefore, because of the crowding of our available space, RSVPs now are required each week before attending our Tuesday night class.

Occasionally, when a holiday season is at hand, the subject may shift for a week or two, as the group studies Megillat Esther and commentaries at Purim time, then turns to studying the Haggadah and its commentaries at Pesach time, and even some Rambam at High Holidays season. Even if you do not understand Hebrew — indeed, even if you cannot follow the reading of Hebrew letters — the class still is riveting because more than 90 percent of all class sessions are in English, and we have special volumes available for those who benefit from having access to Rashi and other commentaries in English translation.


Tuesday Evenings – 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Taught by Rav Fischer
(maariv minyan follows)