The Hebrew Language – Track 3

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This class assumes that you arrive initially with a credible ability to recognize vowels and consonants, to read Hebrew words out loud. With that background, you rapidly learn to acquire vocabulary and speaking skills in our Hebrew Conversation class. It begins with the simple words — shalom, bayit, ani Yehudi, lechem — the pronouns and some basic conjugation principles for verbs. In time, we move to more conjugation — simple past, simple present, simple future — and more words. And so it goes. Your vocabulary continues getting richer, and you gain increased conjugation skills, as you begin looking forward to your weekly conjugation visits. As with all our Hebrew classes, we remind you that the more you review at home and read out loud — we recommend fifteen minutes every night throughout the week, in between our weekly class sessions — the faster you will improve and gain that comfort level to move forward to the next unit of new words and sentence structures.

We use an outstanding four-volume series of books, all of which we provide you for free — we never charge for any of our classes or for any materials that you use for study in our classes — and eventually, with patience and persistence, you gain a facility with a language that every Israeli child masters by age two or three. So it definitely can be done — and we do it!

Tuesday Evenings – 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Taught by Rav Fischer