The Hebrew Language – Track 2

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For those who have acquired a capacity to recognize and read Hebrew letters and dots (consonants and vowels), this class offers the opportunity to learn to daven (pray) from a siddur (prayer book). We use the Artscroll Ashkenazic Siddur, with its excellent font clarity and English translation, as our text. If you do not own such a siddur, we provide you with one, free of charge. Using that volume as our text, we study the reciting of the prayers, focusing primarily on the Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv prayers that we recite in synagogue on Friday nights and on the Shacharit and Musaf prayers we recite on Shabbat Day (Saturday mornings).

The goal of the class is that, little by little, we not only gain some proficiency in davening but also learn what the words mean, what we are praying, so that our prayers may have even greater spiritual meaning for us. However, it is not our goal in this class to become conversationalists. Rather, we learn to daven, get faster, then even faster so that we better can “keep up” with the pace at shul, and we learn better to appreciate the prayers, what we are saying, and how the davening was crafted — and why.

To a very real degree, the level of your davening skills and the rate of your improved davening ability will depend on time you also devote at home, reviewing what you have learned at class. The more you review at home and read out loud — we recommend fifteen minutes every night throughout the week, in between our weekly class sessions — the faster you will improve and gain that comfort level in shul that leaves you feeling as though you always have been an experienced shul-goer.

Monday Evenings – 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Taught by Rav Fischer