The Hebrew Language – Track 1

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The purpose of our Hebrew Beginners Class is to help those who cannot yet read any Hebrew at all to learn the letters (consonants), the dots (vowels), and to gain a comfort level in being able to read Hebrew text out loud. This is not a reading comprehension class but a class geared to teach acquiring, recognizing, and reading the consonants and vowels. At first you begin very slowly, painfully so, acquainting yourself with new symbols of a strange language that dates back thousands of years . . . and that reads from right-to-left. However, over time, you gain greater mastery, even proficiency, in your reading skills. To a very real degree, the level of your reading and the rate of your language acquisition will depend on the amount of additional time you also devote at home, reviewing what you have learned at class. The more you review at home and read out loud — we recommend ten minutes every night throughout the week, in between our weekly class sessions — the faster you will improve and be ready to move on to our next Hebrew class level, if you so choose.

We provide you with all the necessary reading materials. As with all our classes, we do not charge for anything — no charge for class, nor for the teacher, nor for the materials we give you to keep.


Offered in Summer – June-August

Taught by Rav Fischer